Review Policy

Addendum to review policy….

January 2013

I’m now working part-time doing behind-the-scenes administrative and techie stuff for an LGBTQ publisher (take a wild guess which one, I’ve gushed over every book they’ve published), so to avoid any conflict of interest, I will no longer be reviewing m/m or any other LGBTQ sub-genres. Still reading, but no ratings or reviews.

I’ll miss sharing the squee over my favorite authors, but I’m still too busy doing the giddy Kermit-flail/Snoopy-dance thing to dwell on it too much….


The Official “No One Pays Me For This Crap” Disclosure:

In exchange for my HONEST and UNCOMPENSATED reviews, I acquire some books as advance review copies from the publisher via NetGalley or Edelweiss; I may also accept a free ebook from an author.

These books are evaluated by the same standards as those I purchase myself, and my reviews have never been and will never be influenced by the source.

Didja catch that HONEST part up there?

This here blog is a no-holds-barred zone. I tell it like I feel it. I show no mercy.

My reviewing style would best be described Bibliographic Polemics. Look it up. It’s approved by the Pope and everything, so go ahead and call me a Mean Girl.

But sometimes I actually LIKE stuff too.

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