Stuff You Might Actually Want To Read and Some Stuff I Haven’t Really Decided About

We interrupting the stultifying snarkitude with some books you might actually want to read.

I’m too lazy to write any useful synopses or commentary for all of these. You’ll just have to trust me.

A Taste of Heaven by Penny WatsonMust-reads:

A Taste of Heaven by Penny Watson
Out Sept. 15. Received an ARC from the author when I was mired in FSAT. I love love loved this book.

Miss Jacobson’s Journey by Carola Dunn
In the TBR for years, and I read it twice in one week. A fabulous trad Regency with observant Jews as the main characters.

A Hope Remembered and A Christmas Hope by Stacy Henrie
I really liked the first of this series, but these are even better.

Freedom to Love, A Marriage of Inconvenience and The Sergeant’s Lady by Susanna Fraser
More, please.

The Duke’s Holiday by Maggie Fenton
Hands down the funniest book I have read in years. Audio narration is fantastic. READ THIS BOOK.

The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen
Bowen is my only auto-buy NA author. I’m going to make Thing1 read this before she goes to college.

Taming the Legend, Two Nights with His Bride and One Night with Her Bachelor by Kat Latham
I love Kat Latham. Have I mentioned this before?

The Siege Winter by Ariana FranklinThe Siege Winter by Ariana Franklin (audio)
A nearly perfect medieval historical with KICKASS WOMEN. Everything I wanted Hild to be.

Splendour Falls by Susanna Kearsley (audio)
Has Kearsley ever written a bad book?

Heartless by Mary Balogh (audio)
This was one of only two Balogh my library doesn’t have, so it was new to me. Very different feel from her Regencies, probably in my top five Baloghs. Someday I will write my Balogh Binge post. When I’m done with my Balogh Binge. Which will be never.

The Paid Companion (audio) and With This Ring by Amanda Quick
I now have 57 Quicks in my library wishlist thanks to John (@dreamingreviews).

Tang Dynasty series by Jeannie Lin (audio)
*FANGIRLSQUEE* Perfect narration for perfect books. READ THESE BOOKS AND THEN REPORT BACK TO ME.

Worth a read:

The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Jewish Woman Survived The Holocaust by Edith Hahn Beer
This is not the non-fic version of FSAT. Yes, she marries a Nazi, but it’s not an HEA.

The Little Bride by Anna Solomon
Found this by searching for “Jewish fiction” at my library. It’s very lit-fic, but fascinating. I really really really want a romance based on this.

Playing for the Commandant by Suzy Zail
Another find at the library; a really good YA that superficially resembles FSAT but very different.

Hope Rising by Stacy HenrieHope Rising by Stacy Henrie
Not quite as good as the others in the series, but still enjoyable.

Marriage Made in Money by Sophia James
SJ’s best in long time; put this on your Marriage of Convenience list.

Her Convenient Cowboy by Lacy Williams

The Rake to Reveal Her by Julia Justiss
Happily settled in my Justiss re-read collection.

Copper Ridge series by Maisey Yates
Yates has always been one of those squeed-over authors I just didn’t get, but this series was just angsty enough to appeal to me.

The White Swan Affair by Elyse Mady
I should have done this one for the “impulse buy” TBR Challenge.

Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl
I still haven’t forgiven Dahl for this mess of crap, but Cunnilingus Gabe the Manly Librarian is everything she promised. Loved the heroine too.

Serving Pleasure by Alisha Rai
*fans self*

Off Base by Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan
*fans self*

Guarded Passion by Bonnie DeeGuarded Passion by Bonnie Dee
I added the others in this series to the TBR. Very moody and brooding in a good way.

Heat Exchange by Shannon Stacey
I read most of the Kowalskis series but was never blown away; this one didn’t blow me away either but it’s a great shift from the small-town cute overload.

Vexed by a Viscount by Erin Knightley
Absolutely nothing new here, but it’s just fluffy enough to be a quick comfort read.

Seduced by the Baron and The Hero by Amy Andrews
Andrews’ backlist = my wishlist.

First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan
I’m becoming a fangirl….

A bit disappointing…

The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory (audio)
This is my favorite by Gregory, but the audio made the author’s penchant for repetitive internal angsting all too obvious. WE KNOW THIS ALREADY x 1000. I still love Hannah and David, though.

Marriage Made in Shame by Sophia James
I was expecting something as vital as Marriage Made in Money, but this was just blah.

Lady Elinor’s Wicked Adventures by Lillian MarekLady Elinor’s Wicked Adventures by Lillian Marek
Could have been really good, but needed much tighter editing; lots of random and unnecessary head-hopping amongst secondary and even tertiary characters, some info-dumping travelogue bits and confusing switches between titles, first names and nicknames.

Fair Play by Deeanne Gist
Too heavy on the “teachable moments,” which is really surprising for Gist.

Lady Maybe by Julie Klassen (audio)
Moving Klassen off my autobuy list; glad I got this at Scribd and didn’t pay for it. Not especially bad, but not a re-read.

The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E. Ladd (audio)
The stunning cover drew me in, but the pacing kept kicking me out.

Blackmoore (audio) and Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
More beautiful covers with innards that just don’t quite live up.

Don’t bother….

A Matter of Grave Concern by Brenda Novak (audio)
DNF. Completely bored at 35%. Partly because of narration, but the pacing was just dreadful. Also, the heroine supposedly made herself a new gown from scratch out of bits and pieces of the hero’s wardrobe in less than a day. I don’t think so.

The Piano Man Project by Kat FrenchThe Piano Man Project by Kat French
Not sure how this premise could turn out to be so boring. The sub-plot with the senior center made the sexy bits really jarring. DNF’d at about 60%.

In Love with a Gentleman by Elisa Ellen
Something must have been lost in translation. Didn’t make it past chapter two.

Spotless by Camilla Monk
What a waste of a fantastic premise. DNF’d at about 20%.

The Aristocrat’s Lady by Mary Moore

The Servants’ Quarters by Lynn Freed
A book set in post-WWII South Africa with ZERO sense of place. Half the time I kept thinking it was an Edwardian country house, and the voice of the main character (a screeching child) was just vile.

The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy CambronHaven’t decided yet….

The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron
Reserving judgment until I read the followup set in Theresienstadt.

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers
Almost finished with the audiobook. It’s not a romance, and the historical detail is visceral, but the preachiness is exponentially increasing towards the end.

Only a Promise by Mary Balogh
Might need it on audio too before I give a thumbs up or down.

Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai
I have no idea why I set this aside halfway.

One thought on “Stuff You Might Actually Want To Read and Some Stuff I Haven’t Really Decided About

  1. Yeah, Fair Play was not one of Gist’s best. Have you read Tiffany Girl yet? It was a nice return-to-form (for me) and I’ve chalked FP up as a blip on the radar.

    And I need to read that Lacy Williams book. Pretty sure it’s buried on the Kindle somewhere….

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