The 2015 Page O’ Wishful Thinking

Alternate title: I Have a LOT of Good Intentions

girl-reading-with-pug-charles-barber1My 2014 had a lot of comfort reading, and a lot of weekends-with-no-kids binge reading, but very little reading-to-review. I think that slow-down was partially due to my growing obsession with audiobooks; I tend to read traditional books very fast, and audiobooks force me to slow down and hear every word and immerse myself in the language. That kind of wallowing is great for Heyer and Kinsale and the Austen/Eyre/Gaskell classics, but it’s also made me rush through too many genre reads, and ignore longer books, in order to accumulate that sense of accomplishment in knocking down the TBR.

Remind me to remind myself that nobody else cares about the depth and breadth of my unreads. It’s not a competition. It simply doesn’t matter.

What matters is finding books that matter to me, and participating in discussions, and writing about why I love reading, and endeavoring to elucidate those ephemeral emotions that emerge whilst engaging in erudite entertainments.

Wow. I haven’t alliterated like that in a long time. And with vowels! Damn, I’m good.

ANYWAY. So here’s my plan that’s not an Official Plan because that would totally negate everything I bloviated about above.

1. Update on The Heyer Project. I’ve finished 21 books, and I keep finding new things to ponder.

2. The Epic Balogh Binge post. I’m having Review Anxiety because I have no f’ing clue why all those Book Trances happened.

3. A random thoughts post about Book Anxiety. Maybe figuring out exactly how to diagnose it will help alleviate the symptoms.

4. More focused thoughts on mental illness in romance. My ranty-pants and more-ranty-pants posts are incredibly cathartic, but all that caps-lock full-snark bitchfesting isn’t really saying what I want to say.

5. The Austen Project. I’ve accumulated dozens of spin-offs about siblings and secondary characters and off-page backstories. But nothing involving Darcy and his mistresses. Gross.

 5. SuperWendy’s TBR Challenge. Yeah, yeah, I said the TBR doesn’t matter, but I’m doing this for the participatory experience.

6. The Big Fat Book thing. Quarterly. Two on audio (Middlemarch and A Tale of Two Cities), two traditional (The Bronze Horseman and Forever Amber).

7. More mysteries. Catching up with the adventures of St. Cyr and Lady Emily and Captain Lacey. Trying out Simone St. James, Anne Cleeland, Anna Loan-Wilsey, Anna Lee Huber. (What is up with all those “Ann” names???)

8. More non-fiction. Bill Bryson, Dava Sobel, Simon Winchester, Judith Flanders, Erik Larsen, Nathaniel Philbrick.

9. More borrowing, less buying. My library is amassing a great ebook catalog from 3M Cloud Library, and audio on One-Click Digital, and I signed up for Scribd. So, of course, I had to buy a Kindle Fire to download all those apps.

10.  More author binges! Beverly Jenkins. LaVyrle Spencer. Susanna Kearsley. Gwen Bristow. Tamera Alexander. Laura Frantz. Tracy L. Higley. Julie James. Molly O’Keeffe. Meljean Brook. Roberta Gellis. Cheryl St. John. Paullina Simons. Donna Thorland. Mary Renault.  Elizabeth Chadwick.

I think that’s all for now. And not just because the list rounded out to 10.

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