‘A’ is for Author Crush, ‘D’ is for Dud

If you have to ask what “F” is for, you’re reading the wrong blog

Pinup GirlI was going to do this a month ago on my six-month blog-o-versary (also, coincidentally, my birthday, for which my loyal readers sent me…. Oh, yeah. NOTHING. Bitches. ) What was I talking about again? I used to be able to keep coherent thoughts in my head before I started reading smut books.

ANYWAY, I decided that after seven months of blogging, I am no longer on double-secret probation. Which means that I have to start acting like a respectable, responsible reviewer.

Stop laughing, you’re hurting my feelings.

SO…. I updated and added some self-indulgent blather in those pages linked in the top navigation. Because those are Very Important Pages that prove that I am a legitimate book reviewer.

There’s now an official Review Policy page, as well as a ridiculously detailed analysis of my Grading Scale that includes – wait for it – a FLOWCHART.

I know, right??? You’re as excited as I am, I can tell.

It’s this large, incomprehensible, color-coded FLOWCHART right here:

ETA: I forgot add the footnote for the asterisk (*) in the “Heroine: Smartass or Dumbass” box. The “hero/heroine” choices make this seem totally M/F-centric, but I couldn’t figure out a way to coherently encode the equivalent of “Hero(ine) A/B” in those little boxes — a dilemma which makes me respect authors of non-traditional romances even more.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time creating that FLOWCHART, so I’d better get a huge spike in my pageviews, or I’m going to be PISSED.

I also found a boatload of fun/obnoxious memes and someecards, so I plastered those all over my DIK and WTF pages.

AND I finally got a Contact page up there, because I know y’all have been desperately waiting for me to publish my email address. Just keep in mind that I have a very powerful spam filter.

This one has nothing to do with anything, I just think it’s hilarious:

A Hell of a Woman vintage pulp romance novel

7 thoughts on “‘A’ is for Author Crush, ‘D’ is for Dud

    • Kelly says:

      Your editor and/or published is just going to make you put the baby epilogue back in, so don’t delete it permanently 😉

    • Kelly says:

      Oops, thanks for reminding me – I need to add in a call-out about it being m/f-centric out of necessity and laziness because I couldn’t fit “Hero(ine) A/B)” in those little boxes.

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