World Series of Romance

Stupid Cardinals.

OK, now that we got that out of the way…. A few days ago, I instigated a raging Twitter debate about which World Series team is collectively cuter. [Answer: Tigers. Giants have that creepy Unabomber beard thing going on.]

Oh, all right, it wasn’t really a “raging” debate, but I did feel a little guilty for perpetuating a stereotype. So to redeem my cred as a bona fide, knowledgeable fan, I’ll be blogging a barrage of baseball books. Be prepared for cringe-worthy cliches and awkward analogies.

1950s vintage illustration baseball players and spectatorsWhy, yes, I am qualified to review baseball-themed media, thank you for asking:

  • I was married to a baseball fanatic for 11 years. Our belated honeymoon was a road trip to Cooperstown. My first online username was “Baseball Widow.”
  • My daughter had her picture taken with Stan Musial and Bob Feller when she was three weeks old.
  • My son’s middle name is Henry, in honor of Hank Aaron and Hank Greenberg.
  • My dog is named for Jackie Robinson.
  • Paul Molitor is my third cousin once removed. Or something like that. We’re definitely related, I swear.
  • I saw Field of Dreams on the Field of Dreams. Kevin Costner performed with his “band.” They were gawd-awful. You’ll notice I didn’t say he “sang.” He tried to get the crowd to sing along with Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’.” In the middle of an Iowa cornfield full of drunk people and not enough port-a-potties.
  • I sat right behind Buck O’Neil at a Royals game against the Orioles and watched over his shoulder as he kept score. At the end of the game, O’Neil added a notation with a big circle around it on the upper left corner of his scorecard: “Ripken 0-5, 43 games from Gehrig.”
  • The night before his 3000th hit, Tony Gwynn bumped into me as he was leaving Busch Stadium and almost knocked me to the ground. He grabbed my arm and asked if I was OK, then apologized. I think I mumbled something incoherent in response. I also may have swooned a little. The ex refused to admit that it really was Tony Gwynn. Then he got mad that I didn’t get an autograph. No sexy times for him that night. In retrospect, that might have been the beginning of the end. I’ll stop with the TMI now.

A few of the must-reads on my reference shelf:

I'd Like to Coach You vintage valentineSome fascinating reads on women and baseball:

LOVE this vintage beer ad:

…but the skeevy top-hat guy needs to quit ogling the bosoms and give the woman her damn beer already.


5 thoughts on “World Series of Romance

  1. Charlotte Russell says:

    I am so glad you are back! I just found your website a few weeks ago (loved the reviews you posted on Dear Author, but didn’t know you had your own site). And then you were MIA. I was sad. But now I’m happy. Even happier to know you are a baseball fan. Cubs fan here. I know, I know. Try not to mock me too much.

  2. DesLivres says:

    I’m so glad you are back too. I’ve missed your wit!

    Okay here’ the thing: why is it that they wear such wierd-ass clothes to play baseball? What is it with US sports and weird-ass costumes? (ice hockey, basefall, football) Why not a shirt and trousers (if not a nice wooly vest worn over the top) as in normal sports like Cricket? Which, incidentally is absolutely riveting, particularly test cricket – (the one where a game can last up to 5 days).

    Having said that, I accidently got vaguely comprehending re US football (called “gridiron” in Australia as we have about 50 of our own football codes here) from watching all of Friday Night Lights in about two weeks a couple of months back.

    • Kelly says:

      I actually know the answer about the uniforms 🙂

      Uniforms used to be heavy wool; now they’re all polyester for durability, washability and it allows the sweat to dry much faster. They experimented with a bunch of different synthetic materials during WW1 and WW2.

      Tight knee-length pants (knickers, teehee) because loose long trousers didn’t work for sliding. One of the very first teams named themselves the Red Stockings (Red Sox) and wanted to woo the ladies with their legs.

      Also, the tight pants are quick attractive….

      • DesLivres says:

        Ah. (what? an actual rational explanation? shock!) We have certain football codes where they wear extremely short shorts, presumably also to attract the ladies.

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