World Series of Romance: Vintage Baseball Sheet Music

And more hours lost down the never-ending treasure house of Google Images….

The OMG, this is AWESOME:

I am ENTHRALLED. Someone needs to do a thesis or dissertation on this.

Who Would Doubt That I'm A Man - Vintage Baseball Sheet Music

Dedicated to THE NEW WOMAN
Specially Adapted from the Comic Opera “The Mormons”

The sweet and smoochy serenades:

Vintage Romantic Baseball Sheet Music

The one that makes me weepy:

I Can't Get to First Base With You - vintage sheet music dedicated to Lou Gehrig

NOTE: If you haven’t seen Pride of the Yankees, drop whatever you’re doing and add it to your Netflix queue. Have kleenex ready.

The WFTery editions:

WTF vintage baseball sheet music

GOATS! They’re coming back to haunt me! As if that creepy skeleton thing on the right wasn’t bad enough.

And just because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want:

March of the Cardinals - vintage baseball sheet music

World Series of Romance Doubleheader: Baseball, Harlequin-Style

Yes, I know the World Series is over. It’s not MY fault the Tigers couldn’t hit worth a damn.

The Winner: The Real Deal by Debbi Rawlins

The Real Deal by Debbi Rawlins

  • Title: The Real Deal
  • Author:  Debbi Rawlins
  • Series/Category: Lose Yourself, Book 2 (Blaze)
  • Genre(s): Contemporary
  • Publisher: Harlequin, November 2010
  • Source: Amazon ($3.82 ebook)
  • Length: 220 pages
  • Trope(s): Athlete, Beta Hero, Smartass Heroine,
  • Quick blurb: Lonely tourist and pro ballplayer try really, really hard to convince themselves their whirlwind romance is just a fling.
  • Quick review: Just the right amounts of angst and humor and lust and romance for a sweet and satisfying HEA.
  • Grade: B+

He sighed. “With all the beautiful airheads I have at my disposal, I had to choose a smart-ass to meet my folks.”

The set-up:

Freelance editor Emily drags herself out of her self-made, home-based Cave of Solitude for a much-needed splurge in New York City — but a run-in with a big-league ballplayer changes her vacation itinerary from spas and shopping to seduction and sex.

The hits:

Studly but sensitive beta hero. Smart, smartass heroine. Great relationship-building. Swoon-worthy romantic moments. Believable angstifying about friends and family. A low-key but effective use of the superstar-athlete angle. No over-the-top villains or plot shenanigans.

The misses:

The obligatory tacked-on-but-useless epilogue. Blech. The ballplayer hero thinks Romantical Thoughts in the final innings of a World Series game. My inner baseball fan was screaming “Keep your mind on the game, FFS!”

The final score: B+


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