The Guy Most Likely To…. By Leslie Kelly, Janelle Denison and Julie Leto

  • The Guy Most Likely To...Title: The Guy Most Likely To….
  • Author: Leslie Kelly, Janelle Denison, Julie Leto
  • Category/Series: Blaze (Anthology)
  • Genre(s): Contemporary, Inspirational, Suspense
  • Publisher: Harlequin, July 2012
  • Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley ($2.99 ebook)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Trope(s): Beta Heroes, Unrequited Love, Reunited, Friends-to-Lovers, Big Misunderstanding
  • Quick blurb: Twenty-somethings reunite at 10-year high school reunion.
  • Quick review: Fun and sexy – but why focus all three stories on 10th reunions?
  • Grade: B (B+, B+, B-)

The official book blurb:

Ever wonder what happened to the guy most likely to……

Score with the prom queen?
Lauren and Seth were the high school “it” couple—until Seth disappeared on prom night. But a reunion gives Seth a chance to show Lauren an evening long overdue.

Not date a Playboy Bunny?
Ali was the highlight of geeky Will’s high school years. But now that he’s ditched the nerdiness, he’s 100 percent of calculated hotness…and Ali won’t be able to say no.

Ride out of town on a Harley?
Rebel Scott “Rip” Ripley always had a thing for the elusive Erica. But reunion night holds a few sexy surprises when Erica decides it’s time to take the bad boy for a ride.

I liked this much more than I thought I would. I was a little irritated that all three stories were about 10th reunions – would have it been so horrible to make the couples 33 or even 38? Or – GOD FORBID – in their 40s?

Anyway, I really enjoyed the first two stories by Leslie Kelly and Janelle Denison – both were charming and sexy, with likeable heroines and great beta heroes. The conflicts were Big Misunderstandings that were cleared up with one conversation that led immediately to hot sexy times, but in this context both authors made it work. B+ for those two.

The third by Julie Leto was also good, but I didn’t feel like I knew and understood the characters as well, probably because their backstories (especially the hero’s) were more complex than the others. I think the role reversal premise needed something longer than a short story. B-


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