Statement from J. Taylor Publishing

My cautious optimism is fading…..

J. Taylor Publishing - Facebook Response - 8/8/12

“These items are mutually exclusive of one another, and nowhere on our site does it state or imply they are equated. This list is nothing more a list of topics we do not publish.”

If you are an author, editor, publisher or marketer, you should know that a list ALWAYS implies correlation. Claiming otherwise is disingenuous and demeaning to your audience.

[NOTE: The FB comment was not from me….]


One thought on “Statement from J. Taylor Publishing

  1. Julaine says:

    I expect you will find this publisher is some form of the morality police, where their values or morals are the only “correct” ones. Another publishing house I can make sure I choose not to support with my book buying dollar. (sigh)

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