Open Letter to J. Taylor Publishing

Dear J. Taylor Publishing,

Your Author FAQ has me confused….

J. Taylor Publishing Author FAQ

So I sent you this…

J. Taylor Publishing Author FAQ - Inquiry

I sincerely hope it’s just an unfortunate oversight. We’ll see.




4 thoughts on “Open Letter to J. Taylor Publishing

  1. Julaine says:

    I will be very interested in hearing any response that you get back. I hope it is an oversight but I am afraid you and I are both going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, there are still some misguided people in this world that do equate normal homosexual relations with abnormal or even criminal sexual deviancy. It is a shame but luckily there are fewer and fewer of them as time goes on. Hopefully by the time my children’s children are ready to pick their partners it won’t matter what their race, religion or gender are and the stories about their romances will reflect the same.

  2. Have to say, the final bullet point–no illegal deed may go unpunished–seems to suggest pretty strongly where they’re coming from. Moral police. None of the gross stuff. Smells like homophobia to me!

  3. I saw the same on an open call for publishing for a small press – I don’t remember if it was J. Taylor or someone else, but it is disheartening and annoying to see that…i likely won’t be buying from them in the future

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