Zero Visibility by Sharon Dunn

  • Zero Visibility by Sharon DunnTitle: Zero Visibility
  • Author: Sharon Dunn
  • Category/Series: Love Inspired Suspense
  • Genre(s): Contemporary, Inspirational, Suspense
  • Publisher: Harlequin, July 2012
  • Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley ($3.82 ebook)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Trope(s): Love on the Run (and on Skis)
  • Quick blurb: A LOT of wandering around in the snow and hiding up trees to escape bad guys.
  • Quick review: Zero tension, zero chemistry. But lots and lots of o_0 moments.
  • Grade: C-

Now he knew why he had kissed her. They were in a life-and-death situation.

This book is sponsored by the Department of Very Convenient Coincidences.


  1. kelly_instalove
    If your book has the word “Zero” in the title, you are increasing the target area for my Darts of Mockery exponentially.

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 22:05:14
  2. Reading Progress


    – 55.0%
    Another chock-full-o’-CRAY-ZAY. Snowbound in blizzard in
    mountains. Armed robbery. Snowmobile rescue. Kidnapping. A LOT of
    wandering around in the snow. Hiding up tree to escape bad guys.
    Smooching while hiding in tree. Knife fight. CROSSBOWS! CAVES!

  3. kelly_instalove
    Escape on skis! But first they have to rescue a dog and return it to its elderly owners!

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 20:38:57
  4. kelly_instalove
    Now being chased by ski trail groomer! I don’t know what that is! Is that like a Zamboni?!

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 20:41:52
  5. kelly_instalove
    “Gambling usually involves people going through a lot of money.” Gee, thanks for that explanation #captainobvious

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 21:13:54
  6. kelly_instalove
    Ambushed on a deserted mountain road! Car rolls off a cliff! Heroine is thrown from car, but unhurt! Hero uses a log as a weapon!

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 21:35:38
  7. kelly_instalove
    Oh FFS. I read all this way for THAT? Are you kidding me??? Paging the Department of Very Convenient Coincidences….

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 21:42:28
  8. Liz_Mc2
    @kelly_instalove Is there anything that *doesn’t* happen in this book?

    Mon, Jul 30 2012 22:10:49

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