I Write Snark. About Books. Not Authors.

I posted a few comments on HuffPo Books and tweeted a few (well, a lot of) things yesterday, so I figured I should out myself a Mean Girl (for those who didn’t know that already) and point any newcomers to related documentation in the interests of transparency and accountability:

The “Hell Yeah!” Snark-O-Rama

The Lessons Learned from the “Hell Yeah!” Snark-O-Rama

A little more backstory about the “Hell Yeah!” Snark-O-Rama
(links to Dear Author Thread of Doom)

The Cowboy’s Princess Wife
(in which I aim my Darts of Mockery at the small-press publisher, who later removed the book from their online store, Amazon, B&N and ARe)

Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure
(in which I aim my Darts of Mockery at a Big Six publisher for insulting my intelligence)

Galley Proof by Eric Arvin
(Not as many Darts, but enough to qualify for Mean Girl Status; scroll down to the middle for the snark – but keep reading….)

If you have anything to say – good or bad – I encourage you to leave a comment. I do not (and have not and never will) suppress any comment, with the sole exception of any that include personally identifiable information.

I’m @kelly_instalove on Twitter, KKJ on Goodreads, and you can also email me: kelly d0t instal0ve at yah00 d0t c0m.

2 thoughts on “I Write Snark. About Books. Not Authors.

  1. Des Livres says:

    Those “Hell Yeah!” reviews were great – the views on that blog and the contents of those books merited an extreme response. (I still have the image from a chunk of one of those books you cited in the review – where the female ends up with her jaws trapped around something – and it was really horrific degrading stuff.)

    Surely readers notice when a critic (or a site) provides only good reviews or only bad reviews. If a site provides a mix of positive and negative reviews, or a continuum, might there not then be a likely relationship to the subject matter? The most logical being that the critic likes some books and dislikes others? I thought that’s what critics did, as opposed to publicists or ideologues (tried to come up with something to include “anti this” groups and “pro that” groups).

    The trolls on the Thread of Doom and noticed a curious preoccupation with language and the use of taboo words. I’ve witnessed some extreme bullying, with not a single rude word, and the victim being addressed as “Ms Surname”.

    Keep at it!

  2. ventrue says:

    Oh hell, stay a “Mean Girl”, I love your reviews and actually bought the “Hell Yeah” books after your hilarious posts. At least I know to trust that you say what you think and are honest. As the ChickLitGirls have found out there’s not much credibility in being nice so as not to hurt the author’s feelings. Writing is hard, readers aren’t carebears and a terrible book is a terrible book however way you word the review. The idea that us wimmins should all be nice all the time is frankly controlling misogynistic bullshit. Release the snark!
    Thanks for all the lols 🙂

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