Oh Dear God: Flaming Waves of Bliss and Hot Whipped Cream

Hell Yeah! Book 3 – The Bad Sex

No room for these apples and elevators and car engines and wild cherries and treasure houses and summer thunderstorms and banquets and wieners and homing devices and ancient pagan rhythms of life in the ridiculously over-long full review coming soon to Dear Author.

But of course these are too good not to share….. Number indicates Kindle location.

A few favorites:

Her Magic Touch by Sable Hunter

  • 2975: Ripples of pleasure sparkled from her vagina.
  • 2982: Waves of bliss flamed up from her vagina.
  • 3391: …the orgasm just burst upon her like a summer thunderstorm, raining down rivers of refreshing, engulfing pleasure.
  • 3539: …it was like his cock was a homing device and her hand was on a special mission.
  • 3574: …creating a fire that a thousand orgasms would never douse.
  • 3590: …it was like a high-speed elevator that had pushed upward and upward and upward finally being released and freefalling down in an extreme rush of blissful heat.
  • 4150: …sucked him in like quicksand – except this was like sinking into hot whipped cream.
  • 4335: …her knee resting right on top of his package. He just hoped she didn’t bear down hard and smash his wiener.
  • 4850: …getting her nekkid and primed for his loving.

But wait – there’s more!

  • 1135: …she offered him the gift of her lips.
  • 1140: Joseph took a bite of the apple – opening his mouth and latching on to the tempting tit like it was the food of the gods.
  • 1143: …revving up his sexual appetite like the engine of a powerful car before a race.
  • 1145: Joseph was entranced as he realized she was about to sit on his face – demanding something from him he was more than willing to give.
  • 1146: Paradise! Joseph made himself at home in her pussy, licking and sucking and nibbling at the cherry of her clit. She tasted like honeysuckle – sweet and wild.
  • 1152: …he wondered if he would manage to actually get inside of her treasure house before he exploded.
  • 1155: …lifted her high enough to accept his rampaging organ.
  • 1162: …fisted down on him in rapid, repeating milking motions – the most intimate caress known to man.
  • 2299: …her little derriere bounced pleasingly up and down.
  • 2918: With her left hand, she cupped his sac, working the balls between her fingers, she sought to awaken the nerves, the synapses, the cells to respond to the directions of the brain – to come alive – to produce the seed that announces rapture, yet gives life.
  • 2954: His right hand rubbed her slit, spreading the juice from stem to stern, making her buck on his hand.
  • 2979: …her expression was one of beatific wonder.
  • 2980: …the muscles of her vagina began caressing him – undulating around him like a massaging glove.
  • 2984: She was caressing his cock, loving it – massaging it within her velvet channel.
  • 2996: A fever of molten delight began to rise in his loins….
  • 3067: …devouring one another – their tongues tangling, sliding together in a feast of tactile sensation.
  • 3069: And, lord-in-heaven, his dick was being bathed in her passion.
  • 3083: Together, they set a rhythm that sent heat racing toward her core – causing spasms to begin deep within that felt like mini-earthquakes of rapture.
  • 3124: “You two troublemakers get outta here, while I give my woman some sugar.”
  • 3221: The head of his dick was large – like a big, juicy, purple plum and she sucked on it greedily.
  • 3358: …every star in the universe exploded behind her eyelids. Nirvana! She didn’t lose consciousness, but she did seem to leave the bonds of this world behind.
  • 3387: …as he played her body like a fine instrument, she gave him her heart, completely – unequivocally and for all eternity.
  • 3542: “God, yes. Rub him, baby. He wants you so bad.”
  • 3547: …encountered the creamy evidence of her desire.
  • 3548: …spreading the cream that would ease his entry.
  • 3589: …her vagina started fluttering around his cock like a thousand kisses.
  • 3607: …began to massage the button of her clit that he knew tasted like wild cherry candy.
  • 3975: “Honey, I can almost see the Holy Land from here.”
  • 4114: …long, slow, luxurious glide of promise.
  • 4136: Joseph could feel his cum rising and boiling…
  • 4138: Joseph licked her cream, honeysuckle heaven – that was what she was, all sweet and tangy.
  • 4156: It felt like he was pushing deep enough to touch her soul.
  • 4164: All the time they were talking, she was milking him, loving him – working his cock with her pussy muscles – showing him what she wouldn’t allow herself to say.
  • 4167: Her confession seemed to enflame him – he stiffened his arms and began pumping into her with hard, jabbing thrusts – making her whole body shift with every pile-driving motion of his hips.
  • 4172: Joseph’s orgasm hit him like a freight train.
  • 4411: …her vagina was open like a flower, her nectar flowing and sweet – the honey of love.
  • 4542: Her breasts and nipples were the hot button area of her body—not that her loins didn’t scream out for him—they did—but she adored how he worshipped her breasts.
  • 4579: …but now she had tasted the complete banquet, she was beyond belief in bed.
  • 4589: Still he kept pumping into her, slamming against her thighs in the ancient, pagan, rhythm of life. He climbed the mountain of passion and when he reached the crest, he shouted triumphantly.
  • 4873: …even as his seed was boiling up from his balls.

2 thoughts on “Oh Dear God: Flaming Waves of Bliss and Hot Whipped Cream

  1. Okay. Wow. A few comments:

    1) As someone who very intentionally for SPECIFIC REASONS did not go on the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyworld, I would NOT want sex to feel like a rising and plummeting elevator. No no no.

    2) Hot whipped cream is actually just … melted cream. So it doesn’t really suck like quicksand would (although points for fewer grains of sand in awkward places). So you’re basically saying having sex with her is like sticking your dick in a box of half and half.

    3) When she offered the gift of her lips, did she provide a gift receipt?

    4) I’m pretty sure reproductive fluids would no longer be comfortable OR reproductive at boiling point.

    5) If he’s pushing deep enough to touch your soul, he’s gone too far.


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